50 Meaningful Middle Names For Charlotte & Their Meaning

One of the most challenging but most exciting things about welcoming a new life into your family is choosing the name.

You need to make sure it sounds great for both a baby and an adult and that the meaning of the name works with how you’d like your baby to grow up. 

Charlotte is a beautiful name originating from France. It means “strong woman” and is the female version of Charles.

It became popularized in Britain in the 17th century, being a favored name throughout the descending lines of the monarchy. 

If you’ve chosen Charlotte as your baby’s first name, you’ll need to decide that you’re happy with the nicknames that your baby will inevitably end up with, and you’ll also need to find the perfect middle name to match. 

First, Some Nicknames For Charlotte

Always make sure you’re happy with the name that your child is going to get from their friends.

Charlotte is a relatively long name, and you need to be prepared for people to shorten it.

Here are some of the possibilities that you might need to encourage or avoid, depending on how you feel about them:

  • Lottie
  • Charlie
  • Charley
  • Harlie
  • Carly
  • Chaz
  • Coco
  • Cat
  • Lola
  • Cherry
  • Lotte
  • Harlo

Choosing A Middle Name For Charlotte

Now that you’re 100% happy with the name charlotte and you’re comfortable with all the potential shortened versions, you’ll need to move on to selecting a middle name.

Middles names aren’t a necessity, but they’re nice to have and an opportunity to use a couple of the great names that you had lined up all at once.

To decide:

  • Say the names in succession a few times to make sure they work well together. 
  • Check that the initials work well with your surname. You don’t want them to create words. 

Best Middle Names For Charlotte

middle names for charlotte
  1. Sophia – Meaning “wisdom.” The name originates from Greece and is the European version of Sophie. 
  1. Daisy – Is the diminutive of Margaret and means “day’s eye.” It symbolizes spring and birth. 
  1. Lily – Shortened from Lilian originally, but is also the name of a flower. It gives ideas of calm and relaxation. 
  1. Annabelle – A combination of “Anna” and “Belle” originating in France. It means “loving.” Because of its French origins, Annabelle would work really well with Charlotte. 
  1. Emma – Emma is originally German but is now popular throughout the world, which is lucky as it means “universal.”
  1. Rose – Rose was originally a Latin word meaning “flower,” which now represents the flower itself. 
  1. Isabelle – Another French name which is a variation of Isabel. It means “pledged to God” and is used widely throughout Christian communities.
  1. Felicity – A Latin word meaning “good fortune” or “happiness.”
  1. Ellie – This is a diminutive of Eleanor or Ellen with British origins. It means “bright shining one” and originally represented the sun in Pagan religions. 
  1. Rebecca – This is from the Hebrew for “to tie” or “to bind.” It’s said to create a strong bond between mother and baby. However, be prepared for this to be shortened to Becky, Bec, or Becca. 
  1. Victoria – A regal name used mainly in Britain. It comes from the Latin word for “Victory” or “Victorious.”
  1. Helena – This is the Latinate form of Helen. It’s originally from Greece and means “bright, shining light” to represent the sun, much like Ellen in Britain. 
  1. Marianne – Isa combination of “Mary” and “Anne.” It’s originally from France and means “drop of the sea, bitter, beloved” or “grace.”
  1. Isabel – The original French spelling of Isabelle, meaning “pledged to God.”
  1. Elizabeth – Another holy name with Hebrew origins, meaning “God’s child.”
  1. Olivia – The Latin word meaning “olive tree” has connotations of connections and family values. 
  1. Amelia – German origins, meaning “hard worker.”
  1. Evelyn – Can be pronounced in two different ways. “EV-uh-lin” comes from the French for “desired.” However, “EEV-lin” is the less used pronunciation stemming from Germany, meaning “water” or “island.”
  1. Stephanie – Is the feminine variation of “Stephen,” meaning “garland” or “crown.”
  1. Michaela – Female variant of “Michael” meaning “who is like God,” stemming from the Christian faith following the archangel, Michael, protector of heaven. 
  1. Louise – The French variation of Louis, “the renowned warrior.”
  1. Marie – A French variation of Mary (British) meaning “drop of the sea, bitter” or “beloved.”
  1. Vanessa – Is a fairly recent name derived from the name Victoria. The name was initially created to name a new species of butterfly.
  1. Penelope – Often shortened to Penny meaning “weaver” in Greek. 
  1. Gabrielle – Female variant of Gabriel, named after the archangel in Christianity. The name loosely means “God is my strength.”
  1. Chloe – Means “young, green shoot” in Greece. It symbolizes growth and rebirth. 
  1. Aimee – The French variation of “Amy” meaning “beloved.”
  1. Nicolette – A diminutive of “Nicole” and feminine version of “Nicholas.” It originally comes from the Greek words for “people of victory.” 
  1. Emily – From the Latin word “Emil” meaning “Rival.”
  1. Madeline – Is the English variation of “Magdalen,” meaning “high tower” or “woman from Magdala.”
  1. Grace – The English word for virtue. It has religious connotations and gives an air of splendor and elegance. 
  1. Hayley – An old English word for “hayfield.” It symbolizes hard work and dedication.
  1. Annalise – A combination of “Anna” and “Lisa,” meaning “pledged to God” and “graceful.”
  1. Eloise – Is the French and English variation of “Heloise” meaning “healthy” or “wide.”
  1. Anna – A variation of Hannah – A Hebrew word for “grace.”
  1. Lucy – An English variation of Lucia (originally from Greece), meaning “light.”
  1. Marissa – A combination of “Maria” and “Louisa,” and a variation of “Maris.” It originated in Egypt and means “drop of the sea.”
  1. Morgan – The Welsh word for “sea-born, sea-song” or “sea-circle.” Popular in the previous century with the daughters of sailors or fishermen. 
  1. Kay – An English diminutive or Katherine or Kathleen. It can also be spelled “Kaye.”
  1. Willow – A tree – English in origin, bringing connotations of togetherness and being at one with nature. 
  1. Reagan – Originates from Ireland, meaning “little queen.”
  1. Karina – Is Scandinavian, coming from areas of Germany, Poland, and Russia. It can also be spelled “Carina,” meaning “little dear one.”
  1. Miranda – A Latin word for “Marvellous.”
  1. Ivy – A botanical name of a crawling plant. It promotes feelings of strength and togetherness. 
  1. Rhiannon – A Welsh name meaning “divine queen.”
  1. Brynn – A Welsh word for “hill,” and meaning “strength to overcome.”
  1. Antonia – A Latin word for “priceless.” A name that means something of great value. 
  1. Roxanne – A Persian word meaning “dawn.”
  1. Alexandra – The female version of “Alexander,” originating in Greece and meaning “defender of men.”
  1. Katherine – Originated in Greece, meaning “pure.”

The options are endless, but make sure you choose wisely; your baby will have to live with the names you choose forever. 

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