Aesthetic Boy & Girl Names: 60 Names & Their Meaning

One of the most important things when you’re welcoming a new baby into your family is finding the perfect name that they can carry through life proudly.

Each parent will look through different “styles” of names, but you looked for aesthetic names, didn’t you? So let’s get to it!

What Are Aesthetic Names?

What Are Aesthetic Names

Every parent wants their child to stand out, to be unique. That means that you’ll have to find a name that’s beautiful, memorable, and is completely different from all of the other baby names out there. 

Aesthetic baby names give you the chance to add a mythical, botanical, or artistic aspect to your baby’s future and will mean that no other babies (or very few) have the same name that you picked out. 

Aesthetic Names For Boys

Aesthetic boy names

1. Oskar – A traditional name was a twist. Oskar is the German variation of Oscar and gives a more Nordic, outdoorsy feel. 

2. Nazareth – This is a Hebrew place name, great for Jewish or Christian babies for parents that want to include a bit of their faith into their baby experience, but it’s not overly used or obvious. 

3. Sovereign – A powerful word meaning ‘ruler’ or ‘ultimate power’. It’s a unisex name that assumes power and vigor. A name to give a baby strength of character. 

4. Thistle – Naming your child after an English flower is a great way to go. The prickly purple flower assumes color and vibrancy, but also strength and fierceness. The earthy meaning could also bring your baby closer to nature. 

5. Ulysses – This is the Latin name for Odysseus. The name promotes adventure and change. It’s the ideal choice for a boisterous little boy. 

6. Varro – Varro is an artistic name pulled from Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar. It originates from the Latin word ‘veritas’ meaning honesty and is generally related to the famous scholar Marcus Terentius Varro. 

7. Luxor – Can easily be shortened to ‘Lux’ if you’re looking for a name with flexibility. The name derives from the Arabic for ‘palace’ or ‘castle’ and gives an air of luxury. 

8. Lyon – From the French word for ‘lion’. It has connotations of strength and courage. The name ‘Leo’ is also a popular choice with the same meaning. 

9. Jasper – The name Jasper is originally a variation of ‘Gasper’, which means ‘to bring treasure’ in Latin. Jasper is a common name used in popular literature from Sir Walter Scott and Thomas Hardy. It’s considered a high-class name in the UK already and is becoming more and more popular throughout the US. 

10. Joshua – Comes from the Hebrew for ‘the Lord is my salvation’. It’s ideal to add those religious connotations while adding an air of sophistication and intelligence.

The name originally came from the word ‘Yehoshu’a’ meaning ‘God’s salvation’. It was one of the top 10 boys’ names used from 1983 right up until 2010.

However, its popularity has since dropped off, meaning the path is open to bring back its uniqueness in any school setting. 

11. Ford – A British-born word meaning small stream or source of clean, running water. It gives a sense of freedom and closeness to nature. It can also be used as a shortened variation of ‘Clifford’. 

12. Earendil – A name straight out of Tolkien. This kind of name has become more and more popular in the new age community over recent years due to the release of The Lords of the Rings movies.

Earendil is a star, who’s light brings power and opens in the way in dark places. However, Tolkien took the name originally from older English literature, where it had the meaning ‘lover of the sea’. 

13. Christian – This name has the obvious meaning of ‘follower of Christ’. It was a massive hit on the name front in the 1990s, however, it’s since dropped in popularity.

It denotes purity and goodness and it’s the perfect time to bring the name back into fashion. 

14. Chivalry – The perfect way to reflect courageousness and respect on your newborn.

The word, initially having relations with knighthoods and adherence to the moral code, now shows the utmost respect and helpfulness to everyone around them. 

15. Chester – This was originally derived from the Latin word for ‘fortress’ or ‘walled town’.

It has a cute, cuddly vibe and was originally used within the British aristocracy. It’s a great name to bring out your baby’s playful personality. 

16. Bear – Normalizing dangerous animal species names such as wolf, fox, and ‘bear’ is a fairly new fad, but it really is a great way to have your name stand out from the crowd.

A bear can be seen as both ferocious and protective, but cute and cuddly simultaneously. 

17. Aspen – A world-class ski resort in Colorado, but also an excellent name if you’re looking to promote freedom and wildness. 

18. Angelus – The Latin word for ‘angel’. It stems from Catholicism, where the highest church bell was traditionally named Angelus. It’s more recently been popularized in Buffy the Vampire Slayer – which is also a great reason to name your child this.

19. Albus – This name has soared in popularity since the Harry Potter franchise. The name, after Albus Dumbledore, denotes wisdom and intelligence, but also an underlying kindness and will to protect those around him. It’s a great character for your baby to aspire to. 

However, the name that Rowling chose was actually pulled from the ancient Latin word for ‘white’ or ‘bright’, symbolizing goodness. 

20. Clyde – This name comes from Scotland and is the name of a Scottish river, running directly through Glasgow.

Despite its British origins, the name has been popular throughout the US for almost 100 years and has maintained its status in the top 100 boys’ names since 1930. Though it is still considered an unusual, yet fashionable name. 

21. Dash – Is a diminutive for ‘Dashiell’ but could also give the meaning of ‘dashing’ or to be handsome. It shows sophistication and class. 

22. Edison – Brings a note of intelligence, obviously pulled from the surname of Thomas Edison. However, Thomas Edison came to have the name as it is the diminutive for ‘son of Edward’, much like ‘Robson’ would be ‘son of Robert’.

Names using the suffix ‘son’ are increasing in popularity every year, much like ‘Jackson’ or ‘Harrison’. 

23. Ewan – This name comes from Scotland, originally popular with the druid community. It means ‘son of the yew tree’.

It has connections with the names John, Owen, Evan, and Hugh and is an amalgamation of all of those names. For a more formal version, you could also try Eugene. 

24. Tate – Meaning ‘cheerful’ is a Norse word, originally popular in Britain. The single syllable is a quick, roll-off-the-tongue name that will bring a ton of joy to any household. 

25. Miller – Harkens back to a time when job roles meant everything. The miller is literally a grinder of grain. These kinds of names are becoming more popular, but ‘Miller’ is still a simple, strong, yet individual name that should be brought into focus. 

26. Odin – The Norse god of art, culture, wisdom, and law. Odin is a charming name that oozes artistic flair and displays eloquence. Your baby is sure to grow into a well-manner and intelligent child. 

27. Lucian – Comes from the name ‘Lucius’ meaning ‘light’. It’s historically a Greek name developed over time into different cultures.

These days it’s generally associated with ‘Lucifer’ which implies negative connotations. Though this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s not forget that Lucifer is an angel, and it’s his light that the name focuses on. 

28. Idris – Made more popular recently by the actor Idris Elba, the name originates in the Arabic language, meaning ‘studious lord’. The name oozes charisma and encourages study and learning. 

29. Hawk – The hawk is a species of bird, typically fast, cunning, and intelligent. It boasts freedom and elegance. 

30. Fox – Another name that suggests wildness of character. Foxes are cunning and clever, yet beautiful and shy. It gives the impression that your child has a keen mind and sharp senses and is easily adaptable. 

Aesthetic Names For Girls

Aesthetic girl names

1. Autumn – In other parts of the world, the season of Fall is named ‘Autumn’. This natural-sounding name has been accompanied by Winter and Summer as popular name choices in recent years. It suggests beauty and changing colors. 

2. Alaska – The place name was originally given by a Native American tribe with the attached meaning of ‘great land’. Place names have almost doubled in popularity over the last few years, with this one suggesting wilderness and deep thinking. 

3. Catrine – A French variation of ‘Catherine’ which brings a European, exotic touch to a more standardized name. 

4. Celeste – Celeste is a quaint, attractive name that is Latin for ‘heavenly’. It denotes beauty and peace. 

5. Branwyn – This is a variation of the name ‘Branwen’ with a bit of a twist to encourage its unique edge. The name Branwen has Celtic origins meaning ‘blessed raven’. 

6. Coral – Underwater plant life. It sings beauty, color, and fluidity. The name suggests happiness, sunshine, and a peaceful atmosphere. You can almost hear the waves on the beach. 

7. Chantilly – This name originates from France, with the meaning ‘white’. Most keen bakers have heard of Chantilly cream which was developed in the Chateau de Chantilly in the 17th Century.

The name suggests sweetness and purity. It can also easily be shortened to ‘Tilly’. 

8. Charlotte – Is originally from France and is the female form of ‘Charles’. The name specifically denotes ‘freedom’ and has been popularized throughout the British Aristocracy. It’s a name that suggests wealth and opulence. 

9. Demelza – A Cornish name meaning ‘fort on the hill’. It was made popular by the British Poldark novels by Winston Graham where the heroine and strong, powerful female figure was Demelza. 

10. Claudine – A female variation of the French name ‘Claude’. It’s a classical name and can easily be shortened to ‘Claudie’ or ‘Claudia’. 

11. Christabel – Another French name meaning ‘fair Christian’. It was popularized in England by Coleridge as the name frequented his poetry. It’s a dreamy and elegant name that has fallen out of use in recent years. 

12. Delphine – Comes from the Greek word for ‘dolphin’. It promotes freedom and intelligence. It can also be adapted to the Spanish version of ‘Delfina’. 

13. Evangelica – An extended version of ‘Evangeline’ meaning ‘bearer of good news’. It’s an easily adaptable name, with the ability to shortened to just ‘Eva’ where necessary. 

14. Eve – Comes from the Hebrew for ‘life’ and reminds people of the original Adam and Eve. The name can be the shortened version of Evelyn or Evie and bring classical elegance and purity to a child. 

15. Feather – A name straight from the skies. It suggests Native American origins and shows a connection to the natural and the known. 

16. Ivy – A fast-growing plant name, symbolizing growth and attachment. Its greenery gives a freshness, while its strength and stability are a great starting point for any newborn. 

17. Peach – This fruity name is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It gives a Summery fresh feel of happiness and excitement. 

18. Evenstar – An old English term meaning ‘evening star’. Again, this name has been made popular due to the Tolkien novels. It denotes the planet Venus, suggesting feminine power and purity. 

19. Faith – A virtuous name born out of Christianity. It was made popular in the 17th century by the Puritans but is a much more casual name these days. 

20. Hope – An English name originally, sitting alongside ‘Faith’ and ‘Charity’ to symbolize the virtues of the Christian religion. The name symbolizes future aspirations, purity, and elegance. 

21. Faerie – An old French term that is used to describe the name of Celtic Faeries or Fae. The name could also be connected to ‘Faye’ or ‘Pixie’ which are common magical sounding names. 

22. Hermione – Obviously more recently made famous by the Harry Potter heroine. The name actually has Greek origins meaning ‘messenger’ and is connected to the Greek god Hermes.

Hermione is also the daughter of the King of Sparta, denoting feminine power. 

23. India – The name of the country, actually originally moved to be a baby name during the British colonization of India. More recently, it’s become one of the fastest-rising names in the US since 2013. 

24. Hazel – An English word from the hazelnut tree. In early white witchcraft, a wand made from a hazel branch was thought to bring protection and authority. 

25. Gardenia – Meaning ‘Garden’s flowers’ brings thoughts of color and spring blossom. The name symbolizes rebirth and renewal. Perfect for a baby. 

26. Merry – From the English term for ‘happy’ or ‘lighthearted’. It brings a feeling of festivity and joy. 

27. Liberty – Literally meaning ‘freedom’. The name has become popular as a symbol of remembrance of the American War of Independence. 

28. Oceane – The French for ‘ocean’. Suggests a feeling of peace and tranquility. 

29. Violet – Latin for ‘purple’ and now a standalone color variation in its own right. The name suggests shyness, polite sensibility, and eloquence. It’s where the term ‘shrinking violet’ originates. 

30. Ostara – The Pagan festival of rebirth from the German word for ‘Dawn’. It was eventually taken over by the Christian festival of Easter. 

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