Baby Boy Names That Start With Kaa: 60+ Ideas & Meanings

Learning you’re expecting a child is one of the best pieces of news anyone (who wants to be a parent) can get. However, after a safe delivery, you now have to start looking for a name, in this case, for your baby boy. 

If you didn’t have any names planned already, it can be a daunting task. The hard part is deciding what name you want because there are so many wonderful names to choose from. 

It can get confusing, but that shouldn’t worry you at all because we’re here to help. We have come up with a list of baby boy names that start with Kaa and the meaning of each name. 

We hope it will inspire you to choose a lovely name for your little bundle of joy that resonates with you and them.

The list includes both short and long names for you to choose from; they’re all beautiful and special. So, find one that touches your soul.

Short Baby Boy Names Starting With Kaa

If you don’t want a long and complicated name for your baby boy, then you can go for a short name that’s easy to remember.

It can be a challenge finding nice short names starting with Kaa, so here are a few good ones.

  • Kadri – it means “valuable”
  • Kaal – of Indian origin meaning “time”
  • Kaamil – of Arabic origin meaning “perfect”
  • Kaadih – Arabic name meaning “one who makes an effort”
  • Kaab – from Africa meaning ” honorable throne”
  • Kaaprel – of Finish origin meaning “God’s fighter”
  • Kaapi – of Finish origin meaning “God’s messenger”
  • Kaanan – of Indian origin meaning “wild dark forest”
  • Kaarik – meaning “radiant or shining”
  • Kaappo – of Finish origin meaning “man of God”
  • Kaage – of Japanese origin meaning “shadow”
  • Kaam – a lovely name meaning “effort to work”
  • Kaare – cute name meaning “man of the heart”
  • Kaashyap – it’s a name of Indian origin that means “the one who drinks water” it’s the name of a sage
  • Kaashif – lovely name meaning “a discoverer” or “revealing”

Long Baby Boy Names Starting With Kaa

Every parent has a different perspective on how short or long they want their baby boy’s name to be.

While others prefer short and simple names, some parents prefer long names with powerful meanings attached to them.

The following are some long baby boy names starting with Kaa.

  • Kaalindi – a name of Indian origin referring to the Kalinda Mountains
  • Kaalappan – Indian name that’s very powerful, meaning “Lord of the moon”
  • Kaamari – of Indian origin meaning “enemy of lust”
  • Kaalathai – a name of Indian origin meaning “beginning of time”
  • Kaarunith – another Indian name of a god meaning “Lord of mercy”
  • Kaamjaa – lovely name meaning “approachable” and “easy going”
  • Kaanishka – of Indian origin it’s a name associated with royalty meaning “an anciancient king”
  • Kaarvannan – it’s a Indian name and it’s one of Lord Krishna’s names
  • Kaamraan – of Arabic origin meaning “lucky, prosperous, or successful”
  • Kaavalan – a powerful name of Indian of origin meaning “protector” or “guard” it’s also Lord Krishna’s name
  • Kaashinath – Indian origin meaning Lot Shiva or Lord of Kaashi

Popular Short Baby Boy Names Starting With Kaa

If you’re one of those parents who prefer using a popular name, then this category is for you. It’s a list of all the popular baby boy names that start with Kaa.

  • Kaadon – it’s a name from Russia that means “someone who is successful”
  • Kaalim – of Arabic origin meaning “of the ocean*
  • Kaabir – of Indian origin meaning “powerful or great”
  • Kaahil – beautiful name meaning “a close friend” or “lover”
  • Kaapo – of Greek origin meaning “Gods bravest man” or “man of God,” it’s the Estonian variant of Gabriel
  • Kaapro – means “strength of God”
  • Kaalki – of Indian origin meaning “a protective force against destruction”
  • Kaarlo – the name means “a man of strength”
  • Kaashvin – of Indian origin meaning “compassionate”
  • Kaaseb – of Arabic origin meaning “earner”
  • Kaash – a lonely Indian name meaning “hopeful”
  • Kaaya – of Indian origin meaning “the body”
  • Kaaton – a short and simple name of Finish origin meaning “pure”
  • Kaavyan – a cute name of Indian origin meaning “a poet” it also refers to a cute baby
  • Kaarl – meaning strength
  • Kaazhim – of Arabic origin meaning “a patient person” it’s one of the most popular Arabic boy names that starts with K.

Popular Long Baby Boy Names Starting With Kaa

It’s exciting when you finally find a great name for your son, especially if you love long names with a deep meaning.

The following are some of the most popular long names for a baby boy that you can choose from.

  • Kaarunya – a popular name of Indian origin that means “merciful” or “compassionate”
  • Kaalinga – of Indian origin, meaning “a big serpent.” It’s a name that refers to a serpent that was won over by Lord Krishna
  • Kaaperi – of Finish origin meaning “God’s messenger”
  • Kaavyansh – of Indian origin, meaning “a poem’s paragraph”
  • Kaaliya – of Indian origin and it’s the name of a big and fierce serpent that was won over by Lord Krishna

Baby Boy Names Starting With Kaa For Twins

So you might be blessed with two sons, and when you have twins, you need a unique name for each, obviously.

What’s more unique than two unique names starting with Kaa? Here are some ideas.

  • Kaashi and Kaashvi – of Indian origin
  • Kaazin and Kaazhim – beautiful boy names Arabic origin
  • Kaab and Kaal – baby names.of African origin
  • Kaartik and kaartikeya – Hindu boys names meaning “son of Lord Shiva”

Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With Kaa

Apart from just getting a nice name for your boy, you might want a name that’s very unique and has an interesting meaning.

The following are some of the most unique names starting with Kaa.

  • Kaaleppi – of Finish origin meaning “freeman”
  • Kaamilah – a lovely name meaning “flawless”
  • Kaapalin – of Indian origin meaning “likable, jovial, and well natured individual”
  • Kaavish – it’s a very cool name of Indian origin meaning “attempt”
  • Kaatib – a classy name of Arabic origin meaning “a writer”
  • Kaazin – of Arabic origin meaning “controller of anger” or “restrainer”


We hope you can get some lovely names to consider from this list of baby boy names starting with Kaa. They’re all unique and have wonderful meanings that you’ll love and appreciate for a lifetime.

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