Baby Wipe Warmers: How They Work, Are They Safe & 4 Best Picks

One fascinating thing that happens when you become a parent is your interest in things you wouldn’t have even thought about in your younger days become the norm, especially buying baby wipes. 

Like soft ply toilet paper that gives you an oddly satisfactory feel after using the toilet (TMI?), so do these wet disposable cloths provide the same effect on your baby’s bum.

They are a crucial component of hygiene and should not be overlooked.

Now, your concern has transitioned to why your baby cringes or recoils a bit anytime they get a nappy change, and you place the wipes on their sensitive skin.

The simple answer is that this occurs because the wipes are cold and uncomfortable.

Luckily you can warm them and get them to the appropriate temperature for your little one so that they are entirely comfortable.

Doctors emphasize that babies should be kept in a warm environment because they can catch a cold easily. Using warm wipes, especially in the colder seasons, gives your baby that extra bit of warmth.

How To Warm Baby Wipes

How To Warm Baby Wipes

There are numerous ways to warm wipes, and they can be summed into natural and technical methods.

Natural method: The natural ways include storing baby wipes, blankets, and clothes for a certain period to be a little warmer.

Another natural method includes using your hand to warm the wipes before using them on your baby. Nonetheless, nothing beats the wipe warmer. 

Technical method: This method is for modern individuals who love to incorporate technology and ease into childcare. They provide baby wipes with warmth and moisture and are the best choice for your child.

So, How Does A Baby Wipe Warmer Work?

How Does A Baby Wipe Warmer Work

Heating System

The wipe warmer has a top-down system of warming baby wipes, and they avoid unwanted dryness when it comes to heated cloths.

The heating system was created to warm the wipe just enough so that moisture within the materials remains intact.

It situates the temperature to the most appropriate one for your child so that it does not burn and neither does it stay cold. 

The typical wipe warmer looks like a bowl with a top lid or flap. In some brands, a button allows the lid to open automatically, and in others, a manual approach is required. 


You may also notice a sponge that is also called a pillow at the bottom of your warmer.

This sponge is the key to maintaining moisture in your baby wipes. A little water is added to the sponge and placed back into the container. 

Some brands may require you to heat the warmer with only the sponge inside to prep the area, and others do not.

Other brands have automatic misters that spray water onto the wipes and come with a section for you to fill the water.

Either way, the sponge stays at the bottom of the container, and your baby wipes are placed on top of them.

You can add your baby wipes into the warmer and ensure that your lid is tightly closed.

Some brands come with transparent tops, and you can view where the heating comes from.

A handful of brands have their heating elements beneath the cover, and others have theirs on the body of the warmer.

That’s It

It is a relatively straightforward machine to use, and you can master it like clockwork.

Anytime that you may need to use the wipe warmer, all you need to do is to refill the wipes and wait for them to warm up these clothes for your baby.

Are Baby Wipe Warmers Safe?

Are Baby Wipe Warmers Safe

Baby wipe warmers are entirely safe and very durable. They do not make use of any radiation and function similarly to how kettles would work. All they do is heat the material that is placed in them. 

To ensure that they are not used to overheat materials, they come with thermostats to regulate the heat. The manufacturers have considered durability, and they are chemically safe. 

Most baby warmers have sponges that are not chemically processed, and in some brands, this sponge may be replaced.

It is recommended that you not overload the warmer on most manuals and do not use very abrasive material. 

Overloading the warmer will not allow the cloths to receive an equal amount of warmth and can even spoil the lid.

A lot of brands have incorporated indicators to let you know when you have overloaded the warmer.

Abrasive cloths can harm the internal coating in the internal layer of the warmer and create scratches. 

These scratches are particularly sensitive to moisture because they expose the container’s inner metallic layer and increase the risk of rust.

As long as you make sure that you are entirely dedicated to following the instructions printed out on the manual, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

Can You Put WaterWipes In A Wipe Warmer?

Can You Put WaterWipes In A Wipe Warmer

The WaterWipes brand has said that they do not recommend removing these wipes from their pack or transferring them to another container. 

They have also stated that the package should not be over warmed.

The brand boasts that their products do not contain unnecessary chemicals and preservatives; therefore, their materials can easily be denatured by excessive heat.

It is advised that if you must warm the wipes, you can always try out natural forms of warming, such as wrapping the pack of wipes in a blanket or clothing.

Is It Safe To Leave Wipe Warmer Plugged In?

Is It Safe To Leave Wipe Warmer Plugged In

Baby wipe warmers are electronic devices, and therefore they have to be plugged into an electric source or outlet.

The device usually comes with a thermostat and a regulator to ensure it is protected from power surges and excessive heating.

However, when an electric appliance is plugged in for long and receives continuous bouts of current, the regulators can get overwhelmed and begin to malfunction. 

The same principle applies to baby wipe warmers. It is never safe to leave them plugged in for long periods.

The baby wipe warmer should be switched on for a few minutes before you need to use it, and it should be switched off when you no longer need it.

The problems that can arise from being plugged in for long periods include machine fatigue and spoilage, spoiling and drying out the wipes placed in the warmer, destruction of the warmer’s internal surface.

Eventually, when the device breaks, it automatically becomes a potential hazard and can even burst into flames.

If you notice for any reason that your baby wipes warmer is not functioning the way it should, please throw it away or purchase a new one.

How Much Are Baby Wipe Warmers?

How Much Are Baby Wipe Warmers

Baby wipe warmers have a varying range of prices and quality. It is essential that you carry out your research to find the warmer that fits all your descriptions and specifications.

Most baby wipe warmers range from $20 to $100. They all have a vast range of durability and the extra functions that they offer.

It is always essential to make sure that you consider the cord and adapter safety, the heat source, the nightlight, the capacity of wipes, the antimicrobial properties, and easy maintenance.

What Is The Best Baby Wipe Warmer?

What Is The Best Baby Wipe Warmer

When it comes to baby wipe warmers, there is no one-size-fits-all. After conversing with several parents, it is understood that everyone wants something different. 

Nonetheless, it may be daunting picking a baby warmer, but we have selected our top picks to help make your decision process easy. All the warmers listed below are within the range of $20-$100. 

Munchkin Glow Baby Wipe Warmer 

This warmer has an effortless eye-pleasing design that is easy to fill up. The price for this is less than $35 and it can accommodate about 80-100 wipes and warms using a top-down system. 

This baby wipe warmer has an effective indicator to show when the number of wipes is getting low.

It has a smooth exterior that is easy to clean, and as such, it does not retain stains. It does not slip from your grip and small enough for you to carry it with one hand. 

Go Pure Baby Wipe Warmer

This unit is quite tall and allows you to choose two temperature preferences. Using this unit is a seamless process and easy to use.

All you need to do is place the wipes into the container, lock the lid and then gently remove the wipes from the silicone slit. 

The machine is cool to touch and can be moved from one place to another even if the unit is switched on. 

Prince Lionheart Premium Baby Wipe Warmer

This is one of the few bottom-up warmers on the market, which means that the source of heat is found in the bottom of the container, and therefore it takes longer to heat up than other brands.

It is efficient for a low price and economical for a lower budget.

It is well-loved by parents who believe in replacements, and it comes with replacement sponges or pillows, and the device is replaced every three months.

Bopopo Baby Portable Wipes

This beautiful small container and leather jacket make this baby wipe warmer a sleek and luxurious option when you need to travel or go out with your baby.

It is a bang for your buck because it looks much more expensive than its price, it is not cumbersome, and it can be placed in your diaper bag.

It allows you to warm up your baby’s wipes as quickly as possible and can be plugged into the toilet or changing room outlet. 


All in all, baby wipe warmers are effective ways of giving your baby all the needed comfort. A baby wipes warmer is work every penny and is an investment that you should look into.

It does not break the bank, and if you feel your baby has outgrown it, you can easily convert it into your wipe warmer.

However, do remember that they do not heat up past a specific temperature and do not make hot towels. 

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