25 Baby Feeding Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

Babies who are ready for more solid foods can wreak havoc on new parents.

What was once an easy, straightforward process becomes a bit messier and a little harder to navigate.

The good news for parents is that there are many baby feeding tools on the market today that can help.

We tried and tested over 100 baby feeding tools to bring the best and most affordable options to you and your growing family.

Check out our top baby feeding tools that are guaranteed to make feeding times a little easier on you all.

EZPZ Mini-mat, Happy Mat, and Mini-Bowl

baby feeding tools

This mat is a best-seller on Amazon for a reason. It suctions to your baby’s highchair, which means you won’t see trays or bowls go flying mid-feeding.

The slight edge around the outside also means that these mats catch minor spills that are bound to happen as the baby eats.

The grey color is also great for babies’ developing eyesight because they can clearly see food colors and textures against the mat.

Silicone Training Cup with Lid & Straw

best feeding tools for babies

This is such a great cup for kiddos who are still learning to drink independently.

The silicone means that it won’t slip out of little hands and is gentle on the baby’s gums and new teeth.

In addition, the cup is see-through, so you’re able to see how much liquid your baby is consuming to make sure they aren’t over-drinking.

It also comes in cute colors like mint and coral for a bonus!

NUK Learner Cup

feeding equipment for babies

This cup is great for toddlers who are still learning how to use regular cups for drinking. The spill-proof, soft spout is gentle on gums.

The handles are easy for babies to grip so they can practice independent drinking, and the handles are removable, which means the cup will grow along with your little one.

Omniboost Travel Booster Seat- Portable

best baby utensils for self-feeding

This portable seat is a must-have for busy parents and traveling little ones.

So if you are taking baby out for a day at the park, the beach, a day at grandma’s, or anywhere without a proper high chair, this is your answer.

This seat has a three-part adjustable harness, non-skid feet for added safety and is made from machine-washable fabric to ensure this staple stays clean despite messy feedings.

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

best non toxic baby feeding utensils

WOW! This product is a game-changer for baby-led weaning and little ones who are just starting to explore real food without the risk of choking.

The mesh bags hold soft foods like bananas, peaches, melon, sweet potato, and more.

The mesh part of the bag allows the baby to nibble on real foods without parents having to worry about choking on large chunks.

Boon Drying Rack for Countertop

Baby feeding products for starting solids

This drying rack is a must-have for parents.

Instead of chucking the baby’s delicate feeding devices in the dishwasher, it’s much better to hand wash these things and let them dry appropriately so that they can dry without getting moldy.

Any excess water on devices flows into the tray, but the silicone ‘grass’ mat keeps utensils upright, so they dry completely.

It also comes with accessories that help create more space and allows you to hang things like bottle tops and lips so that they don’t collect moisture.

Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons

Best baby feeding supplies

These spoons are a parent’s best friend when it comes to feeding a baby.

The tips of these spoons are made from soft silicone that is soft on the baby’s teeth and gums and makes them dishwasher safe.

The coolest part of these spoons? Easily the patented tip that turns white when food is too hot for your baby to eat.

This is super helpful as your baby starts eating more regular food or having a bit of whatever mom or dad made for dinner.

Snack Attack Collapsible Snack Container

Best baby feeding products 2020

This feeding accessory has a cult-like following for a reason.

It has nearly five stars on Amazon and almost 4,000 reviews which make this a must-have for parents who need a snack-holding alternative to plastic baggies.

This 8 oz. silicone cup collapses, so it will easily slide into a bag or purse when your baby is done.

The top boasts a spill-proof design that keeps snacks inside but allows the baby to easily grab snacks without the mess.

It also has an easy-grip handle that won’t slip out of little hands.

Evenflo 4-in-1 Convertible Highchair

best baby feeding chair

If you’re looking for a highchair that is actually worth the investment, this is it. This highchair morphs to fit all stages of feeding for your baby.

It has the infant highchair setting, toddler dining chair with tray, standalone toddler chair, and a big kid table and chair.

The seat pad is machine washable and has the option to add a 5-point safety harness, and is great for kids up to 50 pounds.

Green Sprouts Organic Bibs

I love these bibs not only because they are super-soft and organic but also have four layers inside for extra absorbency.

They get softer with every wash and are guaranteed to absorb every sniffle, drip, or drool that lands on them for a happier baby and a cleaner onesie after feeding time is over.  

Pikababy Long Sleeve Bib

long sleeved bib

This one is for the parents who can’t seem to escape feedings without also having to change the baby’s entire outfit afterward.

This is especially great when traveling with an infant or when you don’t want to carry a third change of clothes just to feed the baby.

This is a waterproof smock that attaches to the baby like a bib but gives way more coverage.

It is an ideal solution for parents who are still in the midst of very messy feedings and are trying to take it easy on their already large laundry loads.

NumNum Pre-spoon Utensils

baby spoons

If your baby isn’t quite ready for spoons on their own, these are a great way to introduce them to utensils and practice eating.

The stage 1 spoon is meant to act as a teething toy, so little ones get used to holding a utensil and putting it in their mouths.

The stage 2 spoon allows the baby to explore a variety of soft and solid foods and keeps foods on the spoon for easier practice.

The spoons are also dishwasher safe and made of silicone, so they won’t slip out of your baby’s hand.

Avanchy Toddler Stainless Steel Silicone Suction Plate & Bowl 

toddler feeding tools

These bowls are great for more rough and tumble toddlers. They are perfectly portioned with a design that keeps them stuck to the baby’s feeding tray.

The steel is durable, which helps it endure banging, dishwashers, and all sorts of rough treatment. They are also insulated to keep food warm and little fingers cool.

WeeSprout Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray With Clip-on Lid

toddler feeding tray

This container holds ten different food purees in a single container. Just drop in the puree, attach the lid, and freeze.

Each little container is independent of the others, which makes it easy to remove the specific frozen puree you want without mess or hassle.

It is dishwasher safe and can even be thrown into the microwave or oven if you’re heating things up or want to experiment with other food types for your baby.

WeeSprout Glass Baby Food Jars

baby food storage

These jars are amazing for storing larger amounts of food at a time. The set comes with 12 jars with distinctly colorful lids, and each one holds 4 oz. of food.

It also comes with a dry erase marker for easy labeling. Each jar has a screw-on lid for maximum freshness and is safe to throw in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.

That makes the baby food jars the supreme choice for all your puree needs.

Stasher Platinum Silicone Reusable Food Storage Bag

silicone bags

If you are so over plastic, you’re not alone. Ziplock bags can’t complete with these silicone storage bags.

The bags are self-sealing and endlessly reusable, contain no BPA or latex, and eliminates the use of single-use plastic.

They are great for freezers, microwaves, dishwashers, and you can even toss them in a pot of hot water to bring the food up to temperature.

It’s a great and convenient way to store and reheat any food.

Plastic Storage Organizer

food storage

If you’ve ever dreamed of a device that will help keep all of your baby’s food and milk organized in the fridge, then this product is for you.

It’s so simple, yet so perfect. The bin easily slides in and out of the fridge or freezer and helps keep all of the baby’s food neat and organized.

This works great for the fridge to ensure that you’re using foods according to their freshness.

Newer purees go to the back while older purees get moved to the front to ensure you’re not throwing out or wasting any foods that your baby could potentially be eating!

Ashtonbee Baby Fruit Feeder

feeding tools for babies

These bad boys are both a teether and a pacifier all in one. Grown-ups can insert vegetables, meat, fish, or fruit into the top of the teether and let kids go to work.

Babies can chew and suck on the pacifier containing the food, which allows them to get used to the taste and textures of foods in small doses as they start becoming more interested in solid foods.

It’s also super easy to clean and has become a favorite of parents and teething babies alike!

ZoLi Siliflex Weighted Straw Sippy Cup

zoli weighted cup

The weighted straw design allows babies and toddlers to drink from every angle to minimize tantrums when babies can’t reach the liquid they can see inside.

The straw also seals up from the design of the top, meaning that when the cup isn’t in use, the baby won’t make a mess throwing it.

It also means that this cup can easily slide into purses or diaper bags without the worry of having the straw leak or spill on other things.

EzPz Tiny Spoon 

spoons for babies

These spoons are great for babies around six months old who are just starting to explore solid foods.

The narrow spoon fits safely in the baby’s mouth, and the soft silicone protects the baby’s developing teeth.

The arc of the spoon helps food stick to the spoon when the baby practices scooping, dipping, or dunking.

The sensory bumps on the back edge of the spoon provide sensory awareness to decrease gagging and choking.

Flexi Nosey Cup 

nosey cup

This cup has absolutely rave reviews. And for good reason. The unique design comes in three different sizes meant to grow along with the baby.

This is for babies who are drinking on their own (roughly one year old).

The top (meant to be drank from the taller side) makes it easier for kids to practice drinking without hitting their heads against the far side of the cup.

The design also keeps kids from choking and spilling by giving them more control over the flow of liquid by squeezing the sides.

The sides are soft and flexible, which makes it easier for the cup to fit into their mouths.

Bumpkin Utensils Silicone Chewtensils


When I say I love these for baby, I really mean it. They are meant for babies around six months old who are just starting to learn how to use utensils.

The handle on these is more like a binky, but with a spoon and fork attachment, that baby puts into their mouth.

I love these because they’re super easy for baby to maneuver, and it gets them used to the feeling of utensils in their mouths.

There is a ventilated choke barrier for safety which I love because it ensures that babies can’t put this chewtencil too far into their mouths.  

Green Sprouts Learning Cutlery Set

baby utensils

On the other side of things, this cutlery set is great for toddlers who are getting good at eating with utensils around 16 months old.

They look like real silverware to kiddos, but they have bright, silicone handles, which means they won’t slip out of your child’s hands.

Nice and slim, wash well in the dishwasher, and are durable.

Olababy Feeding Spoon

olababy spoons

These are dubbed “baby’s first spoon” for a reason.

Somewhere in between itty-bitty pacifier utensils and baby’s first taste at real silverware, there needs to be another step.

These spoons are perfect for that middle ground between a baby just starting out and being a pro. This spoon was designed to help feed your baby with ease.

The shape allows for easy scooping, cutting, and slicing. The base is a suction cup, so it sticks upright, minimizing mess.

The handle provides a great grip, and the top is narrow instead of wide, so it easily fits into the baby’s mouth.

Childress Cooler Cube Insulated Tote


This is a must-have for when your baby starts daycare or preschool.

This is a versatile cooler bag that holds snack cups and containers for a toddler meal, but it’s also great for keeping bottles cool for younger babies.

You can arrange food by temperature so green beans will stay warm and yogurt will stay cool- a win-win for everyone!

In Conclusion

Now that your little one is ready for solid foods, every meal is like an adventure!

Having tools to make mealtimes easy, mess-free, and safe for the family means that lunches and dinners are much more enjoyable for everyone.

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