Best Strollers For Bigger Toddlers: 10 Picks Based On Real Experience

As a parent, you must be pretty knowledgeable about strollers even before your little one was born.

This device was your favorite accessory because it let your arms rest and allowed you to accomplish all your tasks and errands. Infants become toddlers, and now your little one is walking and exploring.

However, their little feet are not exactly the strongest and were made for adventures, not endurance. So, it is certainly wise to invest in a stroller for your older child.

In this article, we would be breaking down the details of some trendy and efficient strollers for bigger toddlers, their pros, cons, and those that you should consider.

BOB Revolution Flex 2.0

Since its introduction in 2014, it has been regarded as the most tested and trusted stroller among parents. It is the stroller of choice for parents who love to keep fit, stay active, hike, and go on long walks.

The brand responsible for the development, Britax, has made recent updates to the device and made the FLEX 3.0.

According to reviews gathered online, a certain mother on Reddit said that she:

“tested it.. and it steers like a dream. There are several extra pieces you need to buy too. Like the tray and the adapter for car seats. I love that you can do one sidecar seat and one side tray.”

The stroller garners 4.7 out of 5 ratings on Amazon and is considered an affordable and study option.


  • The strollers have generous and well-padded compression seats, which is key to a jogging stroller.
  • The canopy is sturdy and large enough to cover your toddler’s entire body from harmful sun rays, wind, and rain.
  • The nine height setting is excellent for petite parents.
  • The two large wheels at the back make it durable and grounded, and the front wheel is singular and allows for maneuvering in a 360-degree plane.


  • It is cumbersome and quite bulky.
  • The front wheel is prone to rust and not weather resistant, but it can easily be replaced.
  • Relatively expensive compared to typical types of strollers.

Chicco Bravo LE Stroller

strollers for heavier toddlers

Chicco is no novice in the baby world and has been involved in the stroller business for years.

The stroller boasts a 3 in 1 capability, allowing it to switch from infant car seat to toddler stroller to the travel system. Ergo once purchased, your child can grow with it.

It garners a 4.8 rating on Amazon, and a verified buyer commented that:

“I highly recommend this set. I bought it in November 2017, before my baby was born. Here it is, January 2019, he’s turning 1 in a few days, and the car seat and stroller are still in top condition. I used the stroller with my three-year-old as well. It’s very well made and of high quality. I have no complaints, and I use it often.”


  • The tri-modal system adapts to your child’s needs at every point in time.
  • It can supports children from 6 months to 5 years.
  • It is a lightweight stroller with a weight of 23 lb and easy to carry around.
  • Relatively inexpensive.


  • Setting up is quite tricky, and it is not easy to master.
  • All three parts are sold separately and require additional cost.
  • Not easy to steer.

Keenz Stroller Wagon

best strollers for big toddlers

This beautiful large stroller is made for the family who loves to stay active. It is large and can carry up to three children, perfect for trips to the park, beach, picnics, and many more. 

It is indeed a utility wagon and can grow with your children as it comes with three varying heights and a 5-point harness. With its 110Ib capacity, it can fit anything your child may need for the trip. 

It has managed to garner a 4.7-star rating on Amazon and fantastic reviews. A mother on Amazon writes: 

“Keenz is amazing. It looks like they have thought about everything. I would definitely recommend it for families who love to stay out in the sun. I used it for our recent zoo trip, and it was terrific.”


  • Step brakes are efficient, and there are adjustable handles.
  • Large and leaves your hands completely free. You do not need to struggle to carry numerous objects
  • The wagon has drapes, a large canopy, a cup holder and a storage cover
  • Fold into a small unit as compared to its size and can fit into your car.
  • Efficiently sectioned so that you can have an arranged unit as you move about.


  • Difficult to steer and requires some practice.
  • Large drapes are not suitable for very windy environments and can easily tip over.
  • No recline available for younger and tired children. They would need to sleep on the Bottom and often complain that they are missing the view.

Britax Affinity 2

strollers for big toddlers

With a 40Ib capacity, this midrange stroller is a delight for bigger toddlers.

It was designed to give parents the option of being effective both in the country and in the city. It is heavyweight, and its tires are very durable. 

The stroller comes with an option for a newborn carrier and a car seat and will have to be purchased separately.

A mom on commented that the Britax Affinity 2 was very ‘comfy’ and ‘lovely’. It boasts a 4.6 rating on Amazon and is recommended by the giant retail shop.


  • Easy on the wrist and very lightweight. The grip handle is padded and graded to allow for an excellent grip.
  • Options for carriage are available from birth to being a toddler as long as you purchase all the functional parts.
  • Numerous colour options available and durable material covers that easily wash and do not fade.
  • Easy to assemble and put together.


  • Not easy to clean and need to be pulled apart to get a thorough clean.
  • Storage space is not ample, and the parent tray is very narrow.
  • Tires are not large, and steering can be difficult.

Baby Trend Sit’ n’ Stand Ultra Stroller

strollers for bigger toddlers

This is a great option for families with a young child and toddler. The spacious front seat boasts a 5-point harness, and the larger rear seat with a standing platform has a 3-point harness. 

It makes traveling with children of different ages a breeze. It is effortless to move about and excellent to carry your little ones on a walk.

A parent on Reddit recommends this with the comment:

“I bought this stroller for my two-year-old and newborn to ride together. Lots of cup holders, easy to push, folds up easily.”


  • It can easily be converted to incorporate an infant carrier and car seat.
  • It comes with very clear assembly information and instructions.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Large under-chair storage.
  • It supports the weight of two children with a combined weight of 100Ib.


  • Bulky and difficult to move about.
  • It does not fold into a small unit that can fit into the back of a small car.
  • The parent tray is relatively small and not suitable for accessories.

Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller

strollers for heavy toddlers

This stroller is a beautiful device that allows your little one to receives the most comfort available. It is an excellent jogging stroller that will enable you to make the most of your time with your little one. 

It supports a weight of up to 70Ib. Garners an impressive 4.6 rating. And an online reviewer on Amazon said:

Received stroller on time and was easy to assemble. It has been great, as my son loves it. Easy to collapse and light enough to hold with one hand. Thank you, Joovy, for a well-made and sturdy stroller.”


  • It can accept any infant car seats from varying brands; This is made easy by adaptors.
  • Easy to assemble and collapse.
  • Underseat storage is large and spacious.
  • Easy to steer and sturdy.
  • The wrist grip is efficient, and it does not slip.


  • Limitations on color choices.
  • It does not fold into a small unit and not easy to tuck into the back of your car.
  • The parent tray is small is not practical.
  • Light-colored material stains quickly and is difficult to wash.

G-LUXE Umbrella Stroller

G-LUXE Umbrella Stroller

This efficient stroller garners a 4.5-rating on Amazon. As the name says, it is an umbrella stroller, and it is structured efficiently to shade your little one from the sun and provide a comfortable harness.

Numerous detailed review is available online, however one we particularly loved was a mother who commented on the amazon platform that the stroller is:

“easy to carry about and provides a handle that allows it to be swung on your shoulder.”


  • The umbrella is easy to fasten, and it does not easily get swayed by the wind.
  • It can be hung over the shoulder and easy to carry around.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Easy to steer and move around.
  • It can easily fit into your car.


  • Complex to fold into a small unit.
  • A bit expensive for the quality it offers.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

This allows your children seat side by side and is effective for parents whose little ones are close in age. It is efficient for day-to-day use and on more challenging terrains.

It garners a 4.6 rating on Amazon and has been recommended by verified reviewers as a “lifesaver”.  The seats are equal in size and provide a wide leg rest for your little ones.


  • Gives better stability because of the two front wheels.
  • Has excellent steering capabilities.
  • It has separate leg rests and a sunshade for each child.
  • It has excellent undercarriage storage for knickknacks, and it does not weigh down the device.


  • Not a jogging stroller and use on rocky terrains should be limited.
  • It is a wide stroller and can easily bump into numerous passageways.
  • It is not compatible with other brands, and replacement parts are expensive.

Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

lightweight stroller for big toddler

This umbrella stroller is suitable for children over three years old. With a weight of only 13 lbs, it can allow a weight of up to 50Ibs.

This inexpensive stroller is suitable for budget-conscious parents and great if you need a vacation ride.

It gathers a 4.7 rating on Amazon and is highly rated on This efficient deal is well-liked by parents on Reddit and called the “Inexpensive vacation dream ride.”


  • It is very lightweight.
  • It has a simple flat lay feature.
  • The Bottom storage is sizeable.
  • The height harness is adjustable and is suitable for short and tall parents.
  • The seating is comfortable and enjoyed by the little ones.
  • Double wheel feature on both the front and the back and makes for excellent steering.


  • The cup holder is relatively shallow.
  • The close feature involves hand motion and a lot of bending to activate it.
  • It does not fold into a small unit and may be bulky for air travel
  • The parent tray is tiny.

Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller

stroller for big baby

The Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller can sustain over 65Ibs and is an attractive option for older children.

It can be used for children up to 6 years old and is compatible with varying car seats from different companies. 

The adaptors that make this possible have to be bought separately. The list of supported brands is available on their website or in the package when you buy it. It has a 4.1 rating on Amazon.


  • It is effortless to steer
  • It is durable with heavy and sturdy tires
  • The make and the body is excellent for extremes of weather.
  • It has a large parent tray and storage.
  • It has a large canopy.


  • It is bulky and heavy.
  • It does not fold into a smaller unit.

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